The competition has taken off

The first day of competition counted with 13 matches, 4 of them regarding the women’s competition and 9 games in the men’s competition.


The competition took off at 11:00, at Estádio Universitario de Lisboa, the host of the event. With time to have lunch and take a break between the morning and afternoon games, the teams gathered around the lounge area to enjoy themselves and get ready for the last points of the day.

With the right mindset and win in their eyes, the competition took of once more at 15:00. And by 6:15 the first day of the tournament ended. La Rochelle and San Jorge are on the lead in the male competition and on the women’s competition we have Rennes 2 upfront. By 19:00, all the players and delegations were able to cool down, enjoy the sunset and get together in a moment of lighthearted fun.

With the matches starting again on Wednesday, August 29th, there is much more to come and we can’t wait to live it with you.